Distopia… Dat Topia! For £10,000: What is YOUR vision of the world in ten years?
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  1. Brexit = Regrettit.

In ten years time things may be fine. We will be the little Island of England, with little Wales fighting for independence. Big Scotland will be a wealthy independent nation to the north. A model of good governance. Ireland will still be fighting its civil war or will be an independent republic. We will make our money from tourism as people trickle in to see our delightful archaic ceremonies and stare at the King. Meanwhile in Europe, the shattered remains of the European Union will be at war again, as a variety of fascist dictators fight for dominance. Everybody in Europe will be white, as a result of the racist holocaust. In Africa and the Middle East there will be the radioactive remains of what once were cities and countries, destroyed by Putin and North Korea. The pollution clouds, like the plague, will devastate vast areas of the world and the United States will have split up into warring countries in which lunatics armed to the teeth try to shoot everybody in sight.


What is your vision of 10 years time? POST HERE in comments, not more than 250 words. If you are at least 90% correct I will award you £10,000. Which I predict will be worth about £10 in today’s money. RULES: your predictions must be related to main political/economic/environmental issues! Predicting “there will still be an ocean” will not cut it. The Judge’s decision is final! And arbitrary! Tough!


  • Too kind to North America. Humans will have mutated due to unleashing of chemical and biological tampering before the civil war.

  • I don’t follow politics. It’s too depressing in a world that already makes it hard to stay positive.

    But I’m looking forward to brain uploading – I want to learn Kung Fu!

  • If the people still realise the power they have, they will remain united and keep racism and the government at bay. If they don’t we will all become slaves to the government, working longer hours and breaking our backs for the business and fighting each other.
    the gap between the rich and poor is likely to get bigger, the younger generation will have a screen in their face every hour of the day, and on stand by when they sleep. some for formal education others for candy crush and snap (which i hope, will be a hologram coming out the screen). With the population increase resources will run out so we may have to synthetically produce everything in a lab and make people pay for it.
    I tried to keep this to 250 words let me know if its more but I would like that £10 in the future.

    • Ahhhh, if only the People were, as a whole, smarter than they seem sometimes to be. Sometimes they they vote based on lies – e.g. Brexshit, say. Or they believe advertisements – Obesity, say. Or they think plastic packaging is convenient. Forgetting, say, the fish and the environment. Or they sometimes find huge petrol- or diesel guzzling engines to be more fun than the planet is worth, say. Or they start to think they need to be mean to people who flee other countries because their lives are in danger. Or maybe they start wars. Or take great joy in guns or other weapons. Sometimes they even think it’s ok to have sex with people who don’t want sex with them…sometimes it’s hard to stay good. (except the last one – that’s easy.) As long as we try, our world may be ok in 10 years time. Say.

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