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Jon Elkon – Author – Umfaan’s Heroes and Laszlo’s Millions

Jon Elkon left Apartheid South Africa when he was twenty-one and after a year or two living rough has worked variously in pop music, diamonds, timber and even teaching. Laszlo’s Millions is his second novel. His first, Umfaan’s Heroes, was enthusiastically received by the critics.


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In Laszlo’s Millions, the pain and playfulness of the first novel, Umfaan’s Heroes, reaches a crescendo in the London of the seventies.

Here drugs, money, spies and priapic Counts conspire to make the hero’s life veer from the ridiculous to the utterly sublime.

While strictly speaking this book is a sequel, it stands on its own both as a rich farce and a deeply disturbing peek into human greed and fear.

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About to be hanged, Tom tells his story.

Richly funny and painful, Umfaan’s Heroes is a fantasy and a political novel in spite of itself.

A unique insight into living under the madness of the Apartheid regime in South Africa, this critically acclaimed novel is now available in paperback and Kindle. Lovers of Kurt Vonnegut, Tom Sharpe, and Franz Kafka will enjoy this book with its bizarre mix of harsh reality and science fiction.

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SALLY’S ROAD is the story of a woman dying of cancer, stuck in a bewilderingly soulless estate of modern houses in the stagnant backwaters of Shropshire where the sound of lawnmowers is the only confirmation of human habitation. Sally’s grindingly boring life is changed completely when she meets Annie – a tousled, tomboyish teenager who is tangled up in her own story of kidnap, murder and brothers called Peverill. When Annie tumbles over the fence two lives are in the balance….a romance, a thriller and a very funny novel.

Coming Soon

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