A Bite out of Apple
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Evidence of my power and control is I haven’t (yet) thrown my iPhone, this marvel of technology and marketing at the wall or jumped on it with stiletto heels specially bought for this purpose, or punched it with the most devastating yakizuki ever devised by karate…DESPITE its total lack of loyalty, understanding, compassion or even basic logic!

The recent paste into Notes which happened because it refuses to send an email which happened because my password for BT for which I pay over £40 per month is not recognised   – is one letter per line! In a huge long line which reaches all the way down into my deepest fundament. And my attempt to paste it into the mobile edition of Word won’t work because Word wants me to sign in and that won’t work because the internet won’t work and neither will my password.
This infuriating password world! In which NOTHING can be done within this web of distrust and obfuscation in which one continually becomes entangled in multitudes of passwords forgotten or mistyped or frantically changed into something else bound to be forgotten or mistyped which means EVERY time one wants to use some software or app on this so-called “phone” is made into a long complicated infuriating process which leads nowhere except into Mobile  Rage, which must be one of the greatest causes of suicide, murder and road accidents.
Solution? For Heaven’s Sake! To use my phone I present my thumb to the button and presto, the world is open to me. SURELY it is simple enough to accept this as final evidence that I am who I am and every request made to any app on this phone comes from me??? iTunes! Word! BT! BA! Dropbox! It comes from MY PHONE. Therefore it comes FROM ME. Let’s stop this psychological bullying now and revert to logic. And loyalty. And compassion. And Rule of Thumb.

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