Brecksshit – Broken Britain?
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Last Thursday approximately 52% of British voters declared their preference for stepping out of the European project and turning Great Britain into Little England. Awwwww diddums! They’s so cute, these intellectually challenged ethically deficient people with their charming belief that they are Not Racist But. And their conviction that they have voted out of sincere nationalism and patriotism. Their conviction that the anchor on this island can be raised and if we all row like crazy, we can steer the British boat away from the great big bullying continent next door. Their conviction that they have been convicted for years of the offence of being subordinate to an “unelected plutocracy” which is essentially anti-British, self-serving, dedicated to a political union…

Awwwwwwww diddumsssessss (emphasis on the dummm) – how many misconceptions does it take to build a wall between the Us and the Them? Ask Donald Trump.

Many commentators today are saying that despite the vote it can never happen. Boris wouldn’t dare, they say. The implications for the unity of GB have begun to sink in, they say, and anyone with intelligence could never allow Scotland and NI to pull up their anchors and row away. Yes diddumses but that’s exactly what we were saying before your idiot referendum decided to deprive 48% of the British people of their country. I would bet, certainly, that many are regretting their Out Vote.

Well tough titties baby! You made your lying bed now fart in it!

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