Travels with a Banana and some Angry Birds
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To Zumania or Bust!

Heathrow again! This time Terminal 3. My last flight 3 weeks ago was from Terminal 5 and the walk from terminal entrance to plane totalled 1.9 km. So far I have walked 1 Km in T3. Not great carrying a banana, and having left the walking stick in the minicab. The walking stick is Just In Case.

That’s not all that’s just in case. Literally.

See, I suffer from wild birds in the chest area. The proper medical term is Atrial Fibrillation which just means, owing to an electrical fault, the heart feels as if a bunch of wild birds are fighting to break free. Now and then. Not often. Really badly on the flight back from San Diego. (I told no-one until now.) But luckily I always carry emergency meds in my wallet so I necked them fast and the avian monsters were chemically pacified.

Unfortunately, reader, I forgot to replace them. So the meds are n the suitcase. And the suitcase is in the belly of the bird waiting to convey me from here to there.

The worst that can happen is a stroke. This would be a nuisance, not for me but for everyone else. Watch this space! If I survive the journey the next letter will be from Cape Town!

Strategies to Overcome the Raptor





Herbal sleepers

Not going to use prayer. That’ll show You!


See ya….





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