Meeting the Minders – FBI transcript 19/1/17
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We can only imagine what was in that Trump in Moscow story…So I have…

”But really, I never! “, he whined, “I never did none of that! That Buzzman is telling huge porkies!”

“We believe you Babyman! Now don’t cry, just follow orders as you always do.”

“I am SICK of people being mean to me! Don’t they know I just want to be liked?”

“Yes. Of course we know, and that’s why you did that to Anastasia!”

“I didn’t! I didn’t!”

“Well she says you did, Babyman. She still treasures the champagne bottle …” Laughter.

“There wasn’t a diddlio. I just wanted to make her happy.”

“And of course Valentina remembers so well how you made her happy!”

“I didn’t!” Then, on second thoughts, “Wait a minute. She was happy?”

“Sure! When she got out of hospital the roubles sure cheered her up!”

“Ha! I knew they would. Nothing roubles can’t fix!”

“Elena enjoyed the evening too…”

“But I didn’t! Hold on, was she the redhead?”

“No, that was Irina! She was happy. Especially with the Ferrari…”

“She earned it.”

“She sure did…”

“What about the others? Not that there were any of course.”

“Well, Klara did attempt a complaint…but she’s asleep now.”

“With the fishes, right?”


“Gee, you guys sure look after me.”

“You look after us, Babyman, we will sure look after you.”

“I think I’ve just pooed myself.”

“So you have, Babyman, so you have. But don’t you worry. Nobody will notice.”

“I love you Vladimir.”

“I love you back, Babyman.”




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